We thank our Teachers for their Training and Inspiration

To thank and honor my teaches, I mention them here. Please look them up on the internet to find out more about them, or visit them when you are in Buenos Aires.

Bert Frahm

Educated and trained in Buenos Aires from 2006 to 2008, and since then visits Buenos Aires regularly

Maestros and Tango Teachers that had an influence and guided me:

Gabriel Glagovsky of Tango Cool (Dynamic Tango incl. Teacher Training),

Maria Olivera and Gustavo Benzecry (Milonguero Tango),

Rudolpho Denzil (incl. Teacher Training),

Angel Coreo (Timing and Musicality),

Damien Garcia (Tango Vals),

Vicki and Jose Halfon (Nuevo Tango Salon),

Gabriella Ellis (Milonga),

Helen La Vikinga and Javier Guiraldi (Milonga),

Fabian Salas and Paz Girogi (Dynamic Tango),

Rojer Zalazar and Christina Sarioglou (Europian Champs “Stage Tango”),

Sabastian (DNI Tango)