Life Skills of Tango

"The Tango Of Relationships"

"The Tango of Relationships" is a workshop that we deliver: to Companies as part of a Team Building workshop; to Schools as part of their Enrichment Programs; and to couples as part of a Marriage Counselling Program.

Life Skills through Tango

Learning the Tango provides not only valuable and fun dance skills, but more importantly, increased competence and understanding of key life skills such as relationships, leadership and co-operation to name but a few. What makes the Tango such an effective method of learning is:

• The life lessons are experienced viscerally (not just intellectually). This leads to deeper “gut” understanding that can be taken forward into life/career.

• The dance provides instantaneous feedback. For example, if you are not aware of your partner and step on their toes, they will let you know straight away! This instant feedback is what turns awkward movements into a co-operative dance. (i.e. some leaders are acting too smart, too sure, too right without understanding the other and/or follower and the outcome is misunderstanding and conflict).

• It’s fun. All people enjoy their time in a stimulating, relaxed and fun environment.

Some of the key elements that one can expect from the 6-week Tango Beginner’s Course are:

1. Increased self-awareness

To create a dance we need to be aware of our intentions and what we want to create/achieve. Before we can lead someone or follow someone with joy and understanding, we need to be aware of ourselves and acknowledge our own abilities – strengths and/or weaknesses. What do we want to achieve, what approach would be best to make this dance a successful one for both parties.

2. Increased awareness of our relationship with everything and everyone around us

The Tango helps us to understand that we have a relationship with everybody and everything in life. Once we understand our roles and responsibilities in these relationships, we can start to make every relationship more like a dance and less like a fight. The Tango then becomes the perfect metaphor for Life, and the myriad of relationships we find in our lives.

3. Awareness of the roles and responsibilities of Leaders and Followers

Interactions between the leader and the follower are best experienced in a Tango. Both partners flow with each other through understanding, co-operation and respect, while switching the lead during the dance. This brings out the best in both partners creating a “win-win” situation. Switching the lead also enables the partners to reach new levels of understanding for each others’ role in the dance - and in life. We learn in Tango that to lead is not to dominate, and to follow is not to submit. To lead means to go before or to initiate, and to follow is a choice and a commitment. This is applicable to any given situation or relationship: be it in our private lives, at school or at work.

4. Increased understanding of co-operation and respect

For the Tango to look and feel like a dance, a certain understanding, respect and commitment is required of the Leader and Follower for each other, as well as for themselves and their environment. This naturally sets up co-operative codes of conduct that facilitate an enjoyable dance. It is these natural codes of conduct, and the understanding of our respective roles in the Tango, that we expand into our larger Dance of Life, and enable us to transform our Relationships into creative dances.

5. Mastery of the basic steps of the Argentine Tango

The Tango is the easiest couples dance to learn as it is the very basis for all other couples dances (Cha-Cha, Salsa, Waltz, Rumba). It is called the Tango because we prefer to dance to Tango music. However, the steps can be danced to any other kind of music. This makes the Tango exciting, as learning only this one dance gives you a skill you can enjoy anywhere, anytime, to any kind of music. All of the above outcomes are natural realizations that come from learning the dance. Although, these outcomes will not be “taught” in the conventional sense, the messages of Respect, Commitment and Cooperation emphasized in the Tango will form the cornerstone of all activities.

"The Tango of Relationships" is tailor-made to suit the needs of the participants. If you would like to find out more or co-create your program with us, please e-mail us. We would love to share our experience, knowledge and love for the Tango with you.