TT 105 Introduction to Dynamic Tango - The Active Follower

TT105 starts to introduce Dynamic Tango. It is here that we see the roles of “lead and follow” beginning to blur and evolve. It is here that Tango takes on a whole new dynamic as we start to explore “Tango Nuevo”.

Many have believed – falsely – that “Tango Nuevo” is easier than “Tango Salon”. It also looks more spectacular and more fun… and so they skip over “Tango Salon” and learn millions of fancy “Tango Nuevo” movements. Yes, these people dance “Tango Nuevo” (and badly at that).

The problem is that not having learnt the Close embrace, not having felt the connection that is established between the couple, nor the nuances of Lead and Follow in “Salon Tango”… they never truly understand the dynamics at play, and the communications required, between the Leader and the Follower... and, therefore, never truly understand Lead or Follow properly.

Dynamic Tango takes “Tango Salon”, opens it up and explores the new possibilities and powers this gives us. It allows the follower freedoms that were not possible in the close embrace. The Follower becomes more active and the Leader has to learn to follow – in a manner of speaking. It is only once we understand these concepts and are able to put these to good effect in our dance that we can consider ourselves Intermediate.

Week 1

Balloon work, Changing the Energy/Lead using "Lineal" and "Lateral" walking, Giro, Mordida

Week 2

Open Embrace - Separate axises
Changing the Lead, Sensitivity work

Week 3

Playing with the Centre of Gravity 4 points
Stepping your Partner – Fwd, Bwd, Open, Pivot
Stepping the Squares – 2 steps big, 1 step big

Week 4

Stepping your Partner.
Super "Ochos", "Giros", "Secadas"

Week 5

Playing with centre of Gravity. Understanding our 1st "Colgada"

Week 6

Revision of the course