TT104 The Close Embrace - Salon Tango

In TT104, we continue with work that leads us to a better understanding of “Salon Tango” and the Close Embrace. “The Free Leg belongs to the Man”. We expand on the movements we know by working with the Free Leg. It’s at this point that we begin to wonder into the Realm of the Intermediate dancer… but only if we have mastered all that came before this… only, if we can understand the Free Leg work… And then we must remember that we have only begun to wonder into that Realm… we are not intermediate yet…

There is a whole lot of mastery yet before we can claim intermediate status.

Week 1

Playing with the Centre of Gravity. Feeling Weight shifts.

Week 2

Free leg work. Projections, Timing and Weight shifts.

Week 3

"Giros" in the Close Embrace - new ways to walk "lateral"

Week 4

Projections: "Lapiz", "Barridas", "Secadas"

Week 5

"Volcadas", "Wraps"

Week 6

Revision of the course.