TT103 An Introduction to the Close Embrace

Many students have found this to be the most challenging cycle of our course, yet the most rewarding : once it has been mastered. It is this cycle that gave them the true experience of Tango.

In TT103 we focus on bringing all we have learnt, in the previous two cycles, together in the Close Embrace. Many say that you can’t truly experience the passion of Tango if you can’t dance in the Close Embrace. And it was this issue that caused the split between “Tango Salon” and “Tango Nuevo”… but that’s another story.

Week 1

“Sharing an Axis: Finding the Balance”
Balloon work, Walking "Lineal" and "Lateral".

Week 2

Balloon work, "Salida", "Resolucion", "La Crusada"

Week 3

Balloon work, "La Crusada", "Ochos Adelante", "Ochos Atras".

Week 4

Balloon work, "La Crusada", "Ochos", "Giros".

Week 5

Balloon work, "La Crusada", "Giros", "Secadas"

Week 6

Revision of the course.
Ballon work, "Mordida", 1st "Gancho"