TT102 Walking and Timing

TT 102 is for those who enjoyed TT 101 and wish to learn more.
The saying goes: “First you learn Tango… then you learn to Dance”

In TT 102, we learn the timing of Tango and how to Walk properly. These become crucial elements for effective “lead and follow”, and also make us feel like: “Now we’re dancing!” … not just walking. It is also essential to feel comfortable with these elements of the dance in order to be able to dance comfortably in the Close Embrace.

Week 1

“Finding the Impulse”
Timing of the Tango 8’s; 4’s; 2’s; 1's
How to walk - throw and catch.

Week 2

“Communicating the Impulse”
Impulse work, Sensitivity work, Walking “Lineal” and “Lateral”.

Week 3

“Impulse and Rotation”
"La Crusada", "Ochos", "Giros" - sensitivity work.

Week 4

"Focus on Projection"
Simple "Secadas" on fwd "Ochos"

Week 5

"Focus on Projection"
Simple "Secadas" on "Ochos" and "Giros"

Week 6

Revision of the course.