TT101 An Introduction to Tango

TT101 will Familiarise those new to Tango with the very Basic Elements of Tango. By the end of this cycle, one will be able to enjoy dancing at “milongas” and “practicas”. It will give one a good foundation for all dancing… not only the Tango.

Week 1

“The Tango is a couple locked in a comfortable Embrace, Walking to Music.”
Walking in a Mall. Walking in Dance Position. Floor Craft.

Week 2

“Different ways to walk”
Walking “Lineal” and “Lateral”.

Week 3

“The Tango is telling a story on the Dance Floor”
“Resolucion”, “Salida”, “La Crusada”

Week 4

"La Crusada", "Ochos Adelante", "Ochos Atras"

Week 5

"La Crusada", "Giros"

Week 6

Revision of the course.
"Mordida", "1st Gancho"